Who am I? Who am I?


David Fabié is a metal sculptor, based in the south of France, in a small village near Uzès in the Gard.

Born in 1973, he grew up in an artistic environment. His mosaicist and glazist mother, introduced him very early to the various techniques of stained glass, and welding. David of a self-taught nature will naturally explore these techniques and divert them to realize his first works based on resin, stained glass and steel.

Societal normalism will want David to put his creativity in brackets and move towards higher education in electronics, before entering the working life.

It was not until his forties that David Fabié gave himself up to his passion and exploded his creativity in his spare time.  From an obvious revelation, the awakening of an unexplored talent blossoms and transforms day after day into an emerging artistic drug.

Véritable “touche à tout” meet the concrete ironA true "touch to everything"

A true « touch to everything », David Fabié will then meet the concrete iron, which will become the raw material of his works.
This material, so banal, usually immersed and hidden in concrete, passes from shadow to light to express itself in delicate and poetic forms. Its cold rigidity and supple warmth obtained by the work of transformation, assemble and are then transformed according to the artist’s inspiration.

assembly technique Exploration

The expression of a raw material singularly masculine, gives life to works with feminine curves, offering a soothing vision of the woman with great modesty, sensuality and respect.
David Fabié explores in his works all kinds of assembly technique, the transparency of stained glass and this game of processing the material that make them unique and original works.

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